******2019 Volunteer of the Year Award****** ****************** Dale Johnson ******************

Kim Gilson & Dale Johnson

Dale and his wife Michele became volunteer drivers for Door-Tran in March of 2015. We didn’t have any ride requests in their area for a few months and when Dale was able to accept his first trip it was actually three trips! From that point forward, no matter the weather or length of appointments, I have been able to call on Dale knowing he will meet the opportunity to serve, if at all possible. Over the years many riders have requested Dale as they have so enjoyed the trips they have had with him. I have heard of him accepting an apple donation from a rider only to return the next day with an apple pie that Michele made for the rider. He has taken it upon himself to help some riders outside the program, doing medicine runs and checking in folks who have needed help to keep from falling between the cracks, and so many other things! When Dale has been available he has been a constant, weekly driver. And when Dale isn’t available you can bet I am going to call him anyway because that phone line is always available to me! (even when they are trying to take a vacation!)

Thank you Dale, it has been a pleasure to work with you!

Kim Gilson, Volunteer Coordinator